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I like yaoi, stripes, chocolate, chocolate milk, music, Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, Death Note, Fruits Basket, sugar, candy, sweets, shounen ai, Pokemon Games, RPGs, Fanfiction, yaoi, cookies, computers, yaoi, lovesongs, notlovesongs, art, yaoi, tragedies, AMVs, Youtube, superstitions, myths, icecream, Video Games, paper, love stories, yaoi, stuffed animals, pins, hair dye, anti-MelloxNear 8D, Pokemanz, churros, scrambled eggs, yaoi, goggles, my DS, spikey hair, the emo swoop, puppies, kitties, hamsters, bunnies, crab (served with lemon and butter), manga, doujins, and, did I mention, yaoi?

I love Minato.

I've loved Matt, Zexion, Riku, Sasuke, Ham, Spam, Pizza, straight OTPs.

OTPs: RyojixMinato, ShinjixAki Matt&Mello(M&M), Zemyx, LightxL, RikuxSora, SasuNaru, AkuRoku

Current Residence: Under your bed. >___>
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Extra Small. =w=
Print preference: Lazer, in color
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Emo, Tekkyno
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: ... Telephone?
MP3 player of choice: iPod Shuffle
Shell of choice: Parakoopatroopa
Wallpaper of choice: Matt. ;P
Skin of choice: My own.
Favourite cartoon character: L's interesting. Mello's all out Mafia. Matt's the hawtness. Light's NUCKING FUT
Personal Quote: Whoever said violence doesn't solve problems should be dragged put into the street and shot
:iconretardiloveitplz: Oh, yes, I did.

I made videos, to be more percise. :iconilikeitplz:…


This one was my first one. =w=U I overdid the effects a little(a lot), but I made it for somebody. Quite a bit of fandoms in there: KHR, Kingdom Hearts, Ghost 007, D. Grayman, The World Ends With You. Lotsa yaoi. Lotsa rainbows. Lotsa yaoi.... yeah. Yaoi. It's a bit of a love song. :O_o: Not really, I guess. I love this kinda music. :D It's Shake It by Rediscover~ Not Metro Station. But, it's a good song. Very fun. Awesome beat/melody/blahh. IT'S A GOOD SONG. :iconiloveitmoreplz:

The story is, the semes are leaving the ukes, and the ukes leaves the semes and then they come back to each other. And there's dancing.

Pairings in it are: A bit of RikuxSora, lotsa AxelxRoxas, lotsa Gokudera x Hibari x Mukuro (or something like that), lotsa JoshuaxNeku/NekuxJoshua, GokuderaxGokudera :XD: (one pic), and some others, maybe.

Srsly Gokudera invaded this. And there's alot of Org.13, too. And crossdressing. Mostly from Gokudera. I mean, who DOESN'T want to try topping a seme? D: Srsly. And Belphagore is innit, too. So's Teito, Mikage and Frau.…


This is my second one. (No shiznits :P) I like this one alot. I think I did better with the effects. XD Still way too many. It's all I can do to make it look good with WMM. Much more story to this one. I explained a bit in the description of the vid already, but whatever. :XD: I loved matching pics with the lyrics, I even made the English translation scroll by. :meow: Nurr. Useful? I hope so. It was hard to do. :XD: I changed the style of the words two times, which means I changed ALL of those subs TWO times... that's a lot more annoying than you'd think.

The first parts is the relationship between Denmark, Norway and Iceland, which I fabricated out of nowhere... cause my fandom of Hetalia doesn't include the Nordics.... :XD: I keep confusing their name with the Baltics, that's easier to remember, cause I just think of Balto. :P So yes. Norway and Denmark fell in love, but then they faught and both got hurt, then Norway fell found Iceland and stuff and stuff and they were happy and stuff and ... Denmark... :XD: SEE FOR YOURSELF. Srsly. I love that moment. :'D

Then comes America and England's story. This part of the song was perfect, because of how it talks about the summer, and if you like JoKer, you SHOULD know what happened in the summer. ;P -coughjulycough- Yes. Iggy is heartbroken. Lots of things remind him of the past and whatnot. He doesn't know why he lets himself hurt like that. It's a mystery. (Which reminds me of a certain chapter in this awesome book I read called Elsewhere. And to quote the book, "Why do people ever fall in love? It's a mystery." or something like that. And then the last line was "It's a mystery." said by the main character, though, not involving the subject of love, cute, neh?) I suppose it's not really a mystery. :P I'd like to think, if France asked him why he gets so hurt by America, that's what England would say. He really did give little America his everything. So sad. But, then .... :) See for yourself. Some cute mini comics, too. XD Heh, failed animation-look attempt.

Then Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire... It's pretty cut and dry. Oh, their story..... sad. In the end, Chibitalia has to let go of Holy Roman Empire. But, then.... :XD: Find out for yourself!! Also one of my favorite parts.

China and Japan are next~ Japan hurt China pretty deep... I loved those two pictures I found for them. It was another favorite.

And the rest... :) FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. :heart:

The song is Sakura Drops by Utada Hikaru.

I put in a little blooperish alternate beginning. I found that GIF pic and it killed me how perfect it synched with the song once I slowed it by double. (cause that's all you CAN do with WMM :P) And some funny little pics. :meow:

This this so cute~…… AIYAAAA…
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